“They got this haunting quality, like they’ve seen the future and know what’s coming. It’s eerie and melodic.” – NewMusicTen

L-R: Bick, Washburn, Crider, Emery. Photo by Marzuki Stevens.

L-R: Bick, Washburn, Crider, Emery. Photo by Marzuki Stevens.

The Cardinal Points are a post-punk influenced rock band based in Brooklyn with mostly mid-tempo songs in minor keys and an emphasis on mood and texture.

The five songs on their second EP, “Ghosts” (May 20th), are linked by idea of loss: of love, of innocence and the fearless bravado of youth. The tone is dark and gritty. Self-recorded and produced by the band in their makeshift basement studio, it was mastered by Doug Henderson (The Swans, Lisa Germano, Interpol).

Led by vocal/guitarist John Washburn, the band consists of multi-instrumentalists Jon Crider and Bick, and drummer Tommy Emery, who have collaborated on and off again since the ‘90s. The Cardinal Points launched in 2012 with the EP “I Promised You Mermaids, but the Ocean Was Empty,” which Deli Magazine called “an impressive debut” and Music Under Fire said was “…love at first listen.”

For “Ghosts,” they wanted to get away from a traditional songwriting approach and create the material collectively. The creative process was inspired by ethos of the pop/art juxtapositions of Bowie’s ‘Berlin’ period, incorporating chance procedures, Oblique Strategy directions, and cut up techniques. “‘Mermaids’ was collaboratively arranged, but I wrote the songs before we started the band” says Washburn. “This time,“ says Bick, “we were all guilty.”

Listen, download and post “Caught In The Chain,” the first single from “Ghosts”