bick and tommy
There’s an element of unadulterated terror not unlike that of driving too fast along winding cliff roads associated with recording. It’s silly, really (because it’s just rock and roll), but recording captures a moment of “truth” much more definitive than any live performance. Even though you can go back and redo bits and fix mistakes, if you don’t get the essence of the thing right from the beginning—find the murmuring and beating heart of it—the record will never be quite right. Probably because The Cardinal Points came together as a recording project, we use our studio not just to capture a performance of a song, but—as pretentious as this sounds/might be—to attempt to capture the very heart of it.


Critical Band

Performed by members of Zeitkratzer Ensemble.

“On hearing Tenney’s composition Critical Band (1988), [John] Cage renounced his fifty-year antagonism to harmony,saying, “If that’s harmony, I take back everything I ever said. I’m all for it.”
– Ciarán Maher

It’s 17 some odd minutes, more or less on a single note. No backbeat. No singing. No bass solo. But it’s a note that’s pulling and prodding, inviting the listener to wonder what exactly it means to be “a note.”

Listen to it loud.

“G” is for Gretsch


One of the most distinctively stylish features of Gretsch guitars past and present is the “G arrow” control knob. If you already own a Gretsch, you know what we’re referring to—the volume and tone knobs on your instrument, which are in most cases adorned with an engraved later “G” pierced by an arrow. This was an early but not original development.

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Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad

Let me start by saying I fucking hate brussels sprouts. Hate.

Sautéed with butter and garlic? No. Roasted? Boiled? Fuck off. I have the same feelings for brussels sprouts as I do the music Andrew Lloyd Weber or Nickleback, so you can imagine my surprise when I came across a salad of shaved Brussels Sprouts that is not just tolerable, but actually kind of genius.

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