Untitled (Berlin 2)

sovtek_wine-fullWe’ve been experimenting with creating music explicitly intended as non-song “pieces.”  This typically involves setting up procedural rules, such as building progressions by picking chords randomly out of a hat (in the spirit of John Cage‘s chance operations) or using Oblique Strategies. The goal is to break out of normal habits and methods of working, and also to expand the vocabulary of our music.

This one may or may not be finished. While not titled yet, the working name is “Berlin 2” because the whole exercise was originally partly inspired by some of the more Eno driven numbers on Bowie’s so called “Berlin Trilogy” and this was the second in the batch.

Have a listen:

Big Sound

Big Sound by The Cardinal Points
Big Sound, a photo by The Cardinal Points on Flickr.

Recording guitars for a new song.

Nerd alert:Gibson Sonex into a modified Boss Compressor pedal into an EHX Memory Man then split: fx signal into a Mesa Boogie, and dry into a Vox AC30. Both close mic’d with Shinybox 46U’s and then also a room mic (not pictured) about 15 feet out, which is a DIY homage to a U47. Recording chains are: AC30 (main amp) > 46U > Great River ME-1NV > DIY Hairball/mnats 1176 (4:1, fast attack and release, set to just “tickle” the meter) > converter. Both Mesa 46U and Room “47” > FMR RNP > convertor (no comp).