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Big Sound

Big Sound by The Cardinal Points
Big Sound, a photo by The Cardinal Points on Flickr.

Recording guitars for a new song.

Nerd alert:Gibson Sonex into a modified Boss Compressor pedal into an EHX Memory Man then split: fx signal into a Mesa Boogie, and dry into a Vox AC30. Both close mic’d with Shinybox 46U’s and then also a room mic (not pictured) about 15 feet out, which is a DIY homage to a U47. Recording chains are: AC30 (main amp) > 46U > Great River ME-1NV > DIY Hairball/mnats 1176 (4:1, fast attack and release, set to just “tickle” the meter) > converter. Both Mesa 46U and Room “47” > FMR RNP > convertor (no comp).