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The obligatory year-end wrap up…


A few days late, naturally.

In 2013…

We mostly recused ourselves into our little womb—a dank, moldering basement in Queens—and created: songs, experiments, etc.

We wrote and recorded one EP. This took up most of the time devoted to Cardinal Points related activity. Nearly done. Due early Spring. Expect promotional activity to commence soon.

We played two gigs, with two different drummers, both at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. (We turned down a bunch of other offers. Each time we mix up the line up, it takes an inordinate amount of time to get back into fighting condition. Hopefully we’re sorted for the moment. Perhaps we’ll play out more often in 2014. Or less.)

We spent a lot of effort trying to come up with crap content to feed the Social Media Beast, and then got bored.

We took time out to re-wire the machine. All went well and is much better now.

We explored the theory of rock band as platform for omni-media expression.

Looking forward to 2014.